1 week ago…

Quite pleased with myself that I got a random tweet from a DW crew member I met at the weekend who must have spotted me/my name on Twitter and remembered me! I’m usually really easy to forget, but apparently a cool accessory such as a fez makes you more memorable :D

Saturday Timetable…

9-9.25 props & costumes

9.30-10.30 creators & directors theatre

(either go toilet or look at the queues for NB & RC autographs)

10.45-11.30 special effects demonstration

12-12.45 Karen & Arthur photos (and since there’s only half an hour between this and the SFX, I highly doubt I’ll be there early enough to fit both the photos in that I’ve bought…)

Mark & Simon autos, and hopefully a toilet break!!

13.30-14.30 Meet the stars theatre session

mad dash to try and get any remaining autographs

15-16 Doctor Who Uncut

quick weewee and go wait for minibus

16.15 TARDIS tour

And yeah, there’s no food breaks in there! And I don’t have time to see a prosthetics demonstration or restoration talk :’( Really annoyed that I booked my tour for Saturday - but I didn’t realise at the time that there were so many things to try and fit in!!

I was waaaay too distracted at work today by the excitement occurring at the weekend! In 3 days I’ll be back in Cardiff, trying to get some sleep (and most likely failing) before the big day. I have no idea how I’m gonna bring myself to leave that beautiful city again, cos I’ve missed it so much the past 4 years! Just need to try and get some work done on Thursday (as well as cleaning and packing and loads of other shit…) so I don’t have loadsa uni stress hanging over me all weekend… But OMG I’m meeting Karen/Arthur (hopefully both) and getting to play on the TARDIS XD Never has a fangirl been this happy!!